Laser cutting

Laser cutting facility allows for a variety of materials to be cut with unusual shapes or contours, without the cost of unique tooling, TITAN have 1 Trumpf L3030 laser machine which can laser up to metals of 12mm thick.

In 2014 Titan made a large investment and purchased a Trumpf 6000 Combination machine. The Trumpf 6000 allows a maximum material thickness of 8mm mild steel, 6mm stainless steel and 6mm aluminum with a maximum sheet size of 3000 mm x 1500 mm combined with all the benefits of punching and laser processing. The machine has the capacity to produce a wide range of parts and handle even the most challenging jobs successfully.

The punching head performs standard contouring and forming tasks, while complex contours are cut by the laser. This machine also has the capability of laser marking and dot marking. Laser cutting works with a mixture of gases and a surge of power which releases a focused beam through a series of mirrors to the cutting head. The cutting gas used i.e. Nitrogen or Oxygen gives a perfect cut edge.

The Trumpf 6000 has the ability to manufacture punch and laser in one operation which increases speed and capacity.