Paint Finishing Systems provide a winning solution

Titan Metal Fabrications Limited is a small company based in Louth, Lincolnshire which was established in 1990 by the late Matthew Chapman.

Titan Metal Fabrications provide and manufacture metal pressings, enclosures and sub-assemblies as well as manufacturing metal in mild steel, stainless, aluminium and other alloys to drawings.

As well as the Metal Fabrication side of the business they also have their own Powder Coating Department. It was decided that the large and small ovens had become too old to maintain and were very unreliable. Therefore, it was necessary for Titan Metal Fabrications Limited to make a large investment to purchase a new oven which would be
suitable for their requirements and increase the workflow.

Once the decision was made to purchase a new oven Titan Metal Fabrications Limited approached a couple of suppliers and invited them to their premises to discuss their require-ments. Paint Finishing Systems was one of the suppliers who showed the most interest and who met the quoting deadline.

Titan Metal Fabrications Limited were impressed with how professional Paul Kershaw and his team conducted themselves during the whole process and how accommodating they were to assist them. Titan Metal Fabrications Limited were very specific with timeframes for the installation as they did not want it to affect their daily business. Therefore, the ideal time for installation was between Christmas and New Year when work was a little quieter and most of their customers were shut down for the Christmas holidays.

A schedule was agreed however, at the very start of the agreement it became necessary for them to amend the schedule at short notice! Titan Metal Fabrications Limited were very grateful to Paint Finishing Systems for their patience and understanding with regard to this.

The installation of the new curing oven commenced on 16th December 2015 and was completed by 23rd December 2015 and commissioning took place week commencing 4th January 2016.

The new oven gives Titan Metal Fabrications Limited a higher operating temperature which allows them to have a faster line speed. This being combined with having a cleaner oven has also increased efficiency by 50%.

Paint Finishing Systems also gave them the opportunity to amend the layout of their Conveyor System and allowed them to increase the capacity by 40%.

In conclusion, Titan Metal Fabrications Limited were very surprised at how smoothly the whole process from start to finish went and they would definitely recommend Paint Finishing Systems to any other company who are thinking of purchasing a new industrial oven.

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